Cinco de Mayo, also known as The Day of the Battle of Puebla, is a celebration in the United States and Mexico honoring Mexican culture and history. For many celebrations, this includes drinking with friends and bar specials, but there are ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo while getting the kids involved. When celebrating the holiday, you can incorporate a lot of Mexican foods and traditions with children. The result can become an annual tradition that the family looks forward to every year.

The following five activities are easy to plan around your home or at a local Mexican restaurant.

Mexican Olympics

Celebrate Mexican sports and traditions with a Cinco de Mayo Olympic competition. The following activities can be scheduled throughout the day and the winner of each event can be awarded a novelty medal.

  • Soccer Goals: Set up a soccer goal area in your back yard. Assign an adult as the goalie. Each child gets five kicks on the goal. Whoever scores the most goals wins the event.
  • Wiffle Ball Home Run Contest: Baseball is very popular in Mexico and you can celebrate this with a Wiffle Ball home run contest. Each child gets ten swings to see how many home runs they can hit out of the back yard. The game can also be played at a local Little League field.
  • Mexican Lottery Card Game: A game similar to Bingo, the lottery card game includes 80 different cards and children match numbers on their card to form patterns like lines.

Taco Eating Contest

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to order from your favorite Tucson AZ Mexican restaurant. There will likely be a number of specials you can get good deals on. One of these is a bulk order of tacos. Order a mix of hard shell and soft shell tacos. The basic form is the best for a taco eating contest. This includes seasoned beef, cheese, diced tomatoes, and some lettuce.

Using all the tacos, hold a contest to see who can eat the most. You can include everyone in the same bracket or split them up between adult competitors and children. The winner of the contest can choose a special dessert for the whole family.

Mexican Potluck Meals

Instead of going to a Mexican restaurant and having everyone order separate meals, you can choose meals that feature potluck style sharing. This is a great way to bond over the food and really discuss the different Mexican foods everyone is eating.

One of these food options includes a large platter of loaded nachos. A platter like this typically contains a lot of cheese, meats, olives, sour cream, and guacamole. Other potluck food ideas includes a variety of Mexican beans or a large bowl of Mexican soup.

Mexican Dress-Up Presentations

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to turn a holiday into a learning experience. Each child and adult in the home has a chance to select from Mexican leaders or traditions. They then can use old clothes and crafting products to design a costume. Once in costume, the person presents a history and overview of the Mexican tradition.

For example, a person can dress up as a Mexican bull fighter. After completing some research, they can present the history of bullfighting and explain different methods used. Another example is a Lucha Libre wrestler. This is a masked Mexican wrestler and custom that has been celebrated for numerous years.

Mexican Dessert Party

Cap off your Cinco de Mayo celebration by working with the children to cook a variety of Mexican desserts. Learning about these desserts can help expand the palate and teach children about international foods.

Examples of Mexican desserts you can cook includes fried churros, caramel flan, and dessert quesadillas. A variety of these recipes can easily be found online and created in your own kitchen.

Communicate with your children to see what type of celebrations they would love to participate in on Cinco de Mayo.