Gourmet Chocolate Making: Tips To Keep Melted Chocolate From Burning

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If you are a cook or baker who likes to experiment in the kitchen, then you probably work with chocolate on occasion.  Chocolate can easily be added to cookies, breads, and puddings.  However, chocolate is a little bit more difficult to work with alone if you decide to make gourmet chocolates.  Burning can easily occur and ruin your concoctions.  If you want to minimize chocolate burning issues, then follow the tips below. Do Not Add Water Chocolate can be melted both on the stove and in the microwave, and either of these options can work depending on your preference.  It is wise to place the chocolate in a glass bowl so it does not have the opportunity to stick to any cooked-on debris or Teflon coatings that commonly cover metal pans.  You also need to stir the chocolate thoroughly while it melts to make sure that it does not heat up too much.  All of these things are important to keep your chocolate from burning, and so is keeping water away from your chocolate pieces. When chocolate melts, water cannot be added or the mixture will clump up and become grainy.  This happens because chocolate is considered a dispersion mixture where chocolate cocoa solids are emulsified in a variety of fat particles.  This helps to give the chocolate its smooth texture.  Milk and sugar are contained in the mix as well.  When you add water to the melting chocolate, the sugar is attracted to the fluid and it pulls away from the dispersion.  Clumps then form and the chocolate becomes difficult to stir and it will likely burn.   Dry All Utensils One of the best ways to make sure that water stays out of your melting chocolate is to dry all spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, and pans before you use them.  Also, if you decide to use a double boiler or bowl in a pot of water to melt your chocolate, keep the water from boiling.  Condensation as well as water vapor can easily mix with your chocolate and cause a problem. If water does get into your chocolate or if it becomes too thick to stir, then consider adding coconut oil to your pot.  One or two teaspoons is enough to thin out your chocolate. Do Not Rush The Process If you want to get cooking on your gourmet chocolates, then you may be tempted to turn your stove to high heat.  Unfortunately, chocolate will burn very quickly once it starts to melt, and high heats will cause your chocolate to melt in only a few seconds.  Chocolate starts to soften when it becomes exposed to temperatures around 86 degrees Fahrenheit and it melts at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  These temperatures are just above body...

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3 Reasons Wine Making Can Be A Fulfilling Hobby

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If you are looking for a fun and rewarding hobby to do at home, have you considered wine making? Wine making is the perfect hobby for anyone that enjoys drinking wine, but it is also a great hobby for a person that is looking for something productive and enjoyable to do at home. Here are three ways this hobby could bring more satisfaction and fulfillment to your life. It Offers a Sense of Accomplishment There are thousands of different hobbies people can have, but choosing one that produces a useful product is always a great type of hobby to have. Making wine takes time, but it is not a time-consuming hobby. It doesn’t take a lot of time to mix the ingredients together, but you do have to wait for a few months for the wine to go through the entire fermentation process. During this long waiting time, you could begin creating the labels for your new wine. You could come up with a name for your new “winery,” and you could place the name on your labels. You could also think of a good title to give to your wine, and you could design the labels as desired. When the wine is finally ready to be bottled, you will feel a sense of accomplishment because you made something. While this can be a good feeling, there are other benefits you will also receive from this hobby. You Can Host Events Once you bottle the wine and taste it, you may want to start planning some events that will allow you to share the wine with others. One great idea for this is to plan a wine and cheese party at your house. Wine is the perfect drink to have with cheese, but it also goes great with chocolate, and having an event like this is the perfect way to get your girlfriends together for a night out. Another benefit of making your own wine is that you could bring it along to parties you are invited to. Imagine what people would say if you show up with homemade wine. They would probably be impressed with this, and they would all want to try the wine you made. If you carry bottles of wine to parties, you may want to invest in some wine bags from sites like http://www.bellavitabags.com/. There are many types available, including insulated bags. An insulated bag is a great idea if you have to travel far and want to keep a bottle of wine chilled while you are driving to the party. You Have the Perfect Gift The third benefit of making your own wine is that it offers the perfect gift to give to...

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